Assessment District 98-1: This is billed to you on your property tax bill. This assessment maintains our dewatering  Facilities in Big Rock that keep our hill stabilized.

You may view the past & current Fugro & Taussig reports,  contracted by the City of Malibu, that explain the current  method of assessment and a current geological report.

The facilities include: 24 Dewatering wells,  22  Hydroaugers ( Gravity drains drilled into our mountain from PCH), 20 Slope Inclinometers ( they measure any ground movement), Above ground drainage swales, and Water Quality testing ( of the water removed from our hill) for Toxins and Fecal Waste.

The City of Malibu is responsible  for Storm Drain Cleaning. Road  maintenance, crack sealing on public roads, &  Weed abatement surrounding installed  facilities.

Cutting down on our water usage is extremely important. Both irrigation and in-house usage. 

Residents in Big Rock currently use a total of 156,200 gallons of water a day.  

Much of this  water must be removed from the hill  to ensure that our water table is kept as  low  as possible and our  hill remains stable.