Terry Davis,     President                

Frank Albino   Vice President                 falbino@pmcos.comAlbino 

Stu Walter,      Treasurer               

Olivier Fortis                                   

Jeff Grier,                                        

John Morris                                     

Ted Vaill                                          

Secretary;      Andrew Weyman


Fire Safe Council:   Colin Drummond 

                                  Ted Vaill              

Brush Clearance     Stu Walter       

View Protection:      Jo Drummond 

                                   Ellen Relles      

 City Issues::     Terry Davis               

Grants:              Jeff Grier                          

Dewatering  98-1:        Terry Davis  

                                        Stu Walter 

City of Malibu:   310-456-2489         

98-1 Assessment reports:

Trash Pickup / Containers:      Universal Waste Systems at 800-631-7016

Get Home Insurance at a good rate.  USAA Insurance:  Mention that you live in a Fireweise Community:


Join Big Rock Neighborhood:

Brush Clearing Vendors:  Juan Garcia  310-873-1793 Cell: 310-743-3337

                                             Mauro Leon  424-224-8189

Street Name Signs:

                  Barricade,  996 Lawrence Drive  Unit 112    Newbury Park,  CA  91320

                  Tel:  805-499-6605   Fax  805-499-6011

                  Sign Type:  ACSEOC7     White/Blue 21X3